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HAR Therapy

Anxiety Reduction and Meditation Course
Cognitive Behavioral Approaches for Social Phobia
Counseling for Depression and Anxiety
Treatment for Phobias and Anxiety
Depression Anxiety
Counseling for Anger Management
New Era Anger Management Counseling
Behavioral Treatment for Depression
Marriage & Relationships
Couples Counseling, Individual Counseling
Family Therapy
Stress Management
Online Relationship Counseling
People Skills Course
Life Skills Counseling
Cognitive Life Skills
Life Skills courses
Cognitive Behavioral Techniques
Subliminal Therapy
Self-Development and Personal Growth
Fears & Phobias
Weight Loss & Eating Disorders
Self-Help Books (Must request Self-Help Books via email)

Our goal is to help you develop capable people skills to improve your overall quality of life and to overcome your problems whether those problems are mental, financial, relationships, or other problems.

In each course, you can expect to work with your own personal therapist in Live Chat, Skype Calls, Skype Video, and will be given access to worksheets. These worksheets are located in a private area online and are password protected. Until you have signed up for treatment, you will not be able to access worksheets.

We provide you with cognitive behavioral approaches and techniques, daily plans, diaries and access to over thousands of cognitive behavioral techniques designed to help you overcome anxiety, panic attacks, depression, agoraphobia, fears, phobias, anger, stress-related disorders, and more.

Live Chat, Video and Calls are made per your request. All Calls are handled in Skype or Google. Video and Call support is optional.

Guides & Self-Help Books

Guides and Self-Help EBooks are available upon request. These guides and Self-Help books cost extra and are not provided with sign ups.

Mobile Access

We have mobile capabilities in place so now you can log in to your Account anytime to access your therapy tools.

Throughout the program, you will work with your own Certified Personal Therapist to help you discover ways to overcome your problems.

The programs are systematic solutions to help you heal from emotional pain.


You will work at your own pace during the program
You will have access to Tutorials and Techniques
Daily E-mails add to additional communication with your therapist.
Complete Privacy and Confidentiality

You may contact us anytime at our email address: cbtmytherapy@gmail.com

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