Mastery Skills Course

Mastery Skills Program

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In this program, you will engage in courses in Skype so you will need a microphone only in Group Sessions. The program engages you in 256 Sessions, and includes step-by-step processes to overcome Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Addictions, and other mental illnesses but also designed to teach you how to become a mastery in School, Home, Work, and daily life. You will learn the value of honesty, accountability, responsibility, self-reliance, and much more while building self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to overcome  disorders that stand in the way of your success. You will also learn how to successful at everything you do in your life, work, school and home.

Course Material includes

  • Power Processes
  • Hands-On Assignments
  • PowerPoint Activities
  • Workbook Activities
  • and more

If you want to masterful and skillfully improve your mental health, family, work and school, this is the course for you. You will also work to build and improve communication skills, life skills, coping skills, decision-making skills, comprehension skills, improve memory, and other skills during the program. Get started today!

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