Michigan Laws

Michigan has some of the most idiotic laws in the country. Now you need four pieces of IDs just to get one ID. What idiot came up with this notion? Then they are allowing dope smokers in our public but arrest a man with Diabetes just for pissing in public behind a building. Like they don’t show sex enough on TV for kids to learn every day, that one man in a public place behind a building is arrested for Indecent Exposure.

I swear, they need to reform their laws and put some people with some sense in these lawmaking arenas.


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2 Responses to Michigan Laws

  1. juliemueller says:

    Wow!!! Sounds totally irrational, out the wrong folks in charge of law making. Arent u glad its temporary?

    • A bunch of Adolph Hitlers here. They are greedy, and make everything more difficult than it should be. Control freaks from hell. They added over 300 laws for traffic alone, now it cost $25 to get a darn license despite the laws force us against our will to get them. Their prices is set to accommodate them and the rest of the people living here suffer as a result of their greediness. IT’s crazy. Yes I am glad it is temporary. I feel like I am in HELL living in this state.


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