People have torn traditional ways down to the ground, ridiculing people who had a way of life that was meaningful. Today we have a meaningless life, dictated and controlled by computers, and the idiots that make them, who are robbing us of our respect, dignity, and privacy. Not to mention, there is more divorces today than ever, and all of the morals, standards, and values are gone forever, buried in the deep brushes of hell in the direction we are all heading as a result of these so-called masterminds who think they have the answer to all mankinds problems. The problems are adding up, getting bigger everyday. The destroying of our eco system, privacy, and rights as humans is proof. Can you say “STUPID” if you can’t let me help you out. These idiots today are stupid to the max. 

See for yourself


Continue stupid people believing what you want to, but traditional ways was easier and people stuck together no matter what! 




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